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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

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> South of Sahara


Population growth
2.92 %  
GDP per capita
Source: World Bank, latest available data

Aid in numbers

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AICS development projects

€ 15,235,120

Total resources committed

€ 4,830,198

Total resources used

What is it spent for?

The purpose/sector of destination of a bilateral contribution should be selected by answering the question “which specific area of the recipient’s economic or social structure is the transfer intended to foster”. The sector classification does not refer to the type of goods or services provided by the donor. Sector specific education or research activities (e.g. agricultural education) or construction of infrastructure (e.g. agricultural storage) should be reported under the sector to which they are directed, not under education, construction, etc. read more close

By means of?

The typology identifies the modalities that are used in aid delivery. It classifies transfers from the donor to the first recipient of funds (e.g. the recipient country, a multilateral organisation, or a basket fund).  It does not track the end uses of the funds, which is addressed in the sector classification and to some extent through the policy objective markers. read more close

Main ongoing projects

Recipient € Used resources
BF 3,500,000
BF 3,000,016
BF 3,000,000
Employment and youth entrepreneurship strengthening to reduce the risks of irregular migration in the Central and Eastern region of Burkina Faso BF 2,700,000
BF 2,433,970
BF 2,278,454
BF 1,798,538
Innovative social enterprises and participation of migrants for social inclusion in Burkina Faso BF 1,777,241
BanFGM: for the abolishment of female genital mutilation BF 1,486,267
On the paths of health: project to fight malnutrition. BF 1,445,296
Project to strengthen employment and entrepreneurship of young people to reduce the risk of irregular migration - Youth, Employment and Migration (JEM2 BF 1,422,246
BF 1,356,099
Women and inclusive rural development as a means of achieving food security in Burkina Faso BF 1,347,500
BF 1,208,864
BF 1,168,417
Plant the future. The knowledge for the food security BF 1,068,977
BF 1,033,703
BF 977,602
BF 970,600
BF 930,000
BF 904,910
BF 900,500
BF 873,099
Paths for social reintegration of people with mental illness in Burkina Faso BF 846,810
Reinforcement of juvenile justice in Burkina Faso. Support to the Juvenile Tribunal of Bobo Dioulasso. BF 736,936
Supporting the implementation of the 5 General Census of Population and Housing - INSD BF 499,273
Bridging the Gap II-Inclusive policies and services for equal rights of persons with disabilities - Co-financing Burkina Faso BF 459,075
BF 368,284
Improvement of food security and women empowerment in the Province of Boulgou BF 347,465
Beekeeping for food security in Gna-Gna, Komondjari, Tapoa, Kendougou, Leraba and Gaoua Provinces- Phase I BF 331,049