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Walking with climate - Youth and local authorities against climate change 600,000
MOBILIZE THE CHANGE! Training Labs triggering communities to find key solutions for social, economic and environmental sustainability 592,045
Change FASHION! From fast fashion to a transparent and sustainable garment supply chain 581,611
Take my hand: school in action, inclusive society on the rise 530,403
Life Beyond Plastic. 476,801
Diverse but not distant - Buddhist principles as a means of breaking down inner boundaries and making diversity a great gift 466,681
PINOCCHIO. Culture, sport, civic participation and social networks against discrimination for a better social inclusion. 458,635
Hating is not a sport - Educational paths to prevent and counteract racial hate speech in sports. 434,750
DEAR School - Development Education and Awareness Raising School 426,960
New actions to support the phitosanitary sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the compliance with the European standards. 405,584
SOStainability 400,000
NaturAlbania: capitalization and promotion actions in the territorial and environmental framework 393,800
Green School: Lombard network for sustainable development 385,854
Get AP! Strategies for Agro Pontino Global Citizenship 336,078
Cities and sustainable management of water and natural resources 295,609
Regional Housing Program. Local fund 195,000
Annual contribution to UNMAS for the support to the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines 150,000
Annual contribution to UNMAS for the support to the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines 150,000