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Fondo COVID-19_AID_010955: Promoting health and researce in order to give voice to Tigray young people




€ Committed




Fondo COVID-19_AID_010955: The project aims at improving the quality and the access of young people to sexual and reproductive health services and to psyco-social support, by strengthening local autorities and civil society read more close


Title € Used resources
COVID 19 Fund_AID_011790:Everyone a Changemaker 33,120
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011513: SMART - Integrated intervention on Sanitation, Marketing, Agriculture, Rural Development and Transformation 66,635
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011902: Strengthening of the WASH services in the Districts of KIteto and SImanjiro, Region of MAnyara - KISIMA 66,610
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011500: Peace Steps: experiments of social economy and solidarity for sustainable growth in Palestine 46,650
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011455: Innovative social enterprises and participation of migrants for social inclusion in Burkina Faso 55,234
Covid19Fund_AID_011795:SOStainability 33,100
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011889: AGRICHANGE: SMALL BUSINESS, GREAT OPPORTUNITIES Development of agri-food chains in the Molo River basin 64,810
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010960: Support and co-development to reinforce the community of Linguère 105,300
FONDO COVID-19_AID_010951: Fight against non-communicable diseases in Mozambique 86,123
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011493 - SUB URB- support to sustainable suburban areas growth in Maputo 51,300
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010962:Promoting inclusive business in Lebanon 64,746
Fondo COVID 19_AID_011492: CAREvolution: innovation of community health services in the Province of Inhambane 35,621
The First 1,000 days. Ensuring Quality Maternal, neonatal and child health care services for mothers and children in Cabo Delgado Province 66,666
FONDO COVID-19_AID_011497: Healthy Newborn Project (HNP): innovative approach in the newborn health in Sofala region 85,676
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011899: Creation of an Effective Network of Basic Health and Rehabilitation Services, in Juba 119,862
Fondo Covid 19_AID_011884: JUNTAS: empowerment of women in the Region of Gabu 40,468
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011421: Berberina in Tunisia - Development of sheep farming as a resilience action by the younger generations of Sidi Bouzid 299,973
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010947: Innovative rice growing and local agricultural production for food sovereignty and rural development 21,807
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011462-The Knowledge for Children of Zambezia (inclusive pre-school education and inte-grated services of ed, sal, nutriz.) 79,100
FONDO COVID-19_AID_011786: PINOCCHIO. Culture, sport, civic participation and social networks against discrimination for a better social inclusion. 33,972
COVID19_FUND_AID_011788:Cities and sustainable management of water and natural resources 21,800
FONDO COVID-19_AID_010911: Restoring Justice: innovative models of juvenile justice and prevention of juvenile delinquency 37,200
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011893:Dare to Hope - Foster Creation of Socio-Economic Alternatives in Edo State, Nigeria 66,666
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011453: PICAPS- A systemic approach to combat the root causes of the exploitation of child labor 66,646
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011489 - Feeding the communities of Moroto and Napak, Karamoja, Uganda (NCC) with food and knowledge 102,300
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010918: Support to the right to water, Hygiene and Nutrition 5,020
COVID19_FUND_AID_011796:Walking with climate - Youth and local authorities against climate change 44,444
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011861: From awareness to care: women protagonists of the right to health in Bosnia and Herzegovina 62,850
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011799:Life Beyond Plastic. 37,769
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011463: Agricultural Quelimane: sustainably producing, growing and consuming 56,006
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011481- Promotion of the Aloe Vera chain through the implementation of a pilot project to support small producers' cooperatives in the Karak area 37,800
COVID19DFund_AID_011798:Change FASHION! From fast fashion to a transparent and sustainable garment supply chain 43,082
COVID19Fund_AID_010952:Towards inclusive preschool education for all children in Albania 62,500
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011896 - Health services, training and Education for the most vulnerable population in Sierra Leone 66,200
COVID19Fund_AID_011522:Inclusive4all: inclusive education for all children in Bosnia Erzegovina. 49,200
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011905: Restart from YOU - Rehabilitation on a community basis and theater of social inclusion. 39,050
COVID19Fund_AID_010916:Alliance to develop and promote family farming in Northern Albania 8,863
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011907: ForeSeeing Inclusion: Eye Health and Disability Inclusion in North Uganda 53,606
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011885: E Safe Communities for safe Children and Adolescents: protezione e assistenza per bambini e adolescenti nelle comunità di Kakamega e Nakuru (Kenya) 53,333
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010939: INNOVA CUBA - international and intersectorial intervention for the safeguard of the cultural Heritage of the country 28,500
Coffee: optimizing the supply chain and support associated businesses in the southern Chin State 39,600
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011880: Seed of future - Integrated intervention to fight malnutrition 66,666
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010961: Stregnthening Palestinian Health System for the treatment of breast cancer through the establishment of a 76,666
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011867: Start your Business! 66,713
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011449: S.A.N.I. - Food Security, Nutrition and Hygiene for Equatorial band's communities in South Sudan 57,846
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010957:PINSEC - Young women and migrants Paths of social and economic inclusion in Tunisia 48,653
COVID19Fund_AID_011897:Maternal and Child public health support in Sudan by improving knowledge and infrastructure 24,000
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011515: PIPSA Project: social-health program for the continuous and integrated assistance of the HIV-positive patient in the Municipality of Kilamba 16,759
fondo covid-19_aid_011518: EducaMoz - Quality inclusive preschool education in Mozambique 46,679
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010923: More equity and quality of health services in Gambella region 87,746
FONDO COVID-19_AID_011883: The first 1000 days. Ensure access to quality health services for mothers and children in the South Omo Zone 66,725
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011512: newborn survival project: quality and innovation for a better access to neonatal health care in Ethiopia 88,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011420: Vivre et réussir chez moi - Local development and regionalization of migration policies in Senegal 108,220
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010921 -Support to environmental protection and resilience in rural areas 110,700
Fondo COVID-19 AID_011886: Farming the future. Sustainable value chains in agriculture for ASAL (arid and semi-arid lands) in Kenya. 43,384
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010932: Autonomy for people with disabilities 38,000
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011869: Nothing about us without us: Strengthening the role and capabilities of Disable People Organizations (DPOs) 64,636
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011503: Beyond the barriers. Promoting gender-sensitive and sustainable rural development to ensure food security and resilience of West Bank vulnerable commu 30,000
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011496: I-CAN: Independence, Capability, Autonomy, iNclusion. Center for Independent Living for People with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip 59,810
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011523:Zana e maleve - Young people and the territory: the local community towards the european family. 133,333
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011470: Green Hopes Gaza - Social and environmental redevelopment project in Al Nada, Al Ida and Al Awada neighborhoods (phase 1) 35,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011467:DROIT: Rights, Social Reintegration, Vocational Guidance and Protection for Young Adults, Women and Disabled Persons in Lebanese Prisons 66,600
SPEED for Life: SPices and sEEDs value chain improvement for rural development in Nepal, enhancing women and youth empowerment 35,700
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010915: Women empowerment and sustainable agricultural development to achieve food security 8,766
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011860: Preschool Education Development Alliance for Kosovo [PEDAKOS] 32,333
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010958: Sustainable development to support local community 110,300
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011875: E Paths for social reintegration of people with mental illness in Burkina Faso 52,330
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011454: ForSUD - multiactor approach and south-south cooperation in order to tackle the root causes of irregular migration 66,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011478:Clean energy and sustainable development in the municipality of Kahale Lebanon (ESSK) 25,906
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011475:STONE - restoration and enhancement of traditional agricultural systems for economic development and environmental conservation of the Shouf Reserve 58,401
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011865:Olive growers and cooperatives in Hasbaya for a place-ofOrigin Quality Brand - OLIVE. 73,116
Fondo COVID-19_AID_10963:To cultivate resilience: sustainable and inclusive agriculture in Niger 50,848
FONDO COVID-19_AID_010919: Inclusion for Youth living in the slum of Nairobi 21,982
FONDO COVID-19_AID_011465: Securing Women Migration Cycle 77,228
FONDO COVID-19_AID_010944: Chipaya: water and wind memories: Towards new forms of Community resilience 38,300
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010927: Let's Start Up: Inclusive business e self-employment for People with disabilities and mother of people with disabilities 49,863
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011866:MAKANI MY PLACE. Economic development, decent work and social inclusion in Tripoli 66,672
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011510: E MAZIWA 61,519
COVID-19 Fund_AID 11509: OPEN: Entrust Rehabilitation Prevention and Reintegration for a future to vulnerable children in Kenya 60,000
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011423: Support to food security and promotion of healty nutrition in Western Bahr-el-Ghazal Region - FSHN 51,255
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011468: SI-AD Strategies for the inclusion of disabled children in the socio-educational and health services in Bolivia 50,040
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011870 - S.A.F.E. C.R.O.P.S. : Supporting Agricultural Farming Economies, Community Resilience and the Organization of Production Sustainability 63,800
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011417: JASMIN: Youth Action for a society able to promote the employment and inclusion 59,999
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011517:E Receiving in order to reinsert: strenghtening of Haiti minors welcome and family and social integration 28,000
COVID 19Fund_AID_011461:Creation of the first Sierra Leone / CTSL Center-Transfusion Center 28,600
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011424: P.A.C.E. - Partnership for a new Approach to early Childhood Education 90,000
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010912:Purchase networks to guarantee food security with the support of Burkinabé Diaspora in Italy 12,707
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010964:Strengthening social, economic prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration services for drug addicts and ex-drug addicts in Lebanon 100,799
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011878:Land of value: innovation and inclusion of women and youth in the agri-food value chains in Cape Verde, through participation and cooperativism 54,629
COVID19Fund_AID_011792:NO WAR, for a peaceful and inclusive society that respects human rights and cultural diversities among people 36,144
Covid19 Fund_AID_011789:Diverse but not distant - Buddhist principles as a means of breaking down inner boundaries and making diversity a great gift 32,726
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011887: Sustainable Agroecology Models of Production for ASAL of Kenya (SAMPAK) 60,301
Covid19Fund_AID_011794:Get AP! Strategies for Agro Pontino Global Citizenship 24,894
COVID-19 Fund_AID_10943: Amhara Trachoma Elimination Program (ATEP) 43,268
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011469:Food security: strengthening the agro-zootechnical sector in the provinces of Gaza and Sofala - SALSA 148,210
Fondo COVID-19_AID_11909: JustaMente: reform of the juvenile justice system, and innovative models of tertiary prevention to spread the restorative culture in Honduras 55,237
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011898: Integrated responses for communities needs affected by dangling syndrome in South Sudan 27,900
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011502: Land and Rights - Paths of Social and Solidarity Economy in Palestine 66,500
COVID19_FUND_AID_011793:MOBILIZE THE CHANGE! Training Labs triggering communities to find key solutions for social, economic and environmental sustainability 29,371
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011416: JUNTOS: small producers network for sustainable production of coffee, cocoa and quinoa in Ecuador 66,666
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010940: E Intervention to develop plastic garbage collection and recycle in Awassa 42,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010936:Prevention and access to health services 49,416
The community of the future: social and work inclusion of the orphans of Scutari 55,748
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011464: Mustaqbaluna (Our Future) - Increasing job opportunities for vulnerable people in Palestine 52,373
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011427:The improvement of product quality and the productive, managerial and commercial innovation of small producers in the apricot agribusiness chain in Lebanon as an engine for an eco-sustainable and inclusive rural economic development 50,750
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010965:Best practices to improve food security of mother and child 17,062
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011904:Support for local agriculture, micro-enterprises and empowerment of women and young people in Tunisia 50,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011476: Agri-SMART: supporting the resilient and inclusive development of the Districts of Lugela Derre Namarroi and Gilé in Zambezia - Mozambique 67,032
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010931:Support to the agri-industrial sector in Tunisia 61,050
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011452: Cultivating inclusion: food security and resilience of vulnerable households in Burkina Faso 41,038
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011797: Hating is not a sport - Educational paths to prevent and counteract racial hate speech in sports. 35,800
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010922: ALL INCLUSIVE Support to the inclusion of people with disabilities 123,055
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011900: Nourishing the future. Integrated intervention in agriculture, health and nutrition supporting the first 1.000 days of mothers and children in Iringa and Njombe –TZ 60,388
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011430: Pilot project of socio-economic promotion in a framework of environmental sustainability and biodiversity defense 53,582
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011448: BECause Eye Care: Strengtening of ophthalmic services in Sud Sudan 29,864
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011426: ESCUELAS Y COMUNIDADES INCLUSIVAS PARA OTRA CIUDADANIA: community alliance for social inclusion and the prevention of the violence in the department of Chalatenango 55,494
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011903: RESTART - Ecological and Social Rehabilitation of the Territories Through the Re-launch of Youth Entrepreneurship in Tunisia 66,600
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011473: Reuse of wastewater treated for agricultural purposes in Al Mawasi district - Rafah Governorate - Gaza Strip 65,400
COVID-19Fund_AID_010941:Urban laboratory for territorial development of Divjake Municipality 48,487
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010926: E Social economic and health support to potential migrants in South Wollo 75,200
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011498:Malawi, I care! 31,200
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011873: SMART COMMUNITIES. Water, energy, food, work and innovation for sustainable development 41,200
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011429: ENTER: Renewable energies and appropriate technologies for access to drinking water in the Rural area 68,300
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011425: Woman and Disability. Valorisation of the woman in the prevention and care of the person with disability. 48,766
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010948:Je suis migrant. How to promote social, economical and cultural integration among migrants, especially returnees and sub-Saharan migrants 75,500
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011891: LimpaMOS MOzambique: Program to strengthen the Urban Solid Waste Management in the cities of Beira and Nampula 91,300
COVID 19_ Fund_ AID 010956:Multi-stakeholder approach to rural and cultural tourism managment 18,613
Strengthening resilient rural organizations and local systems ecologically sustainable 31,784
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011457:Small seeds, great opportunities 43,376
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011874:Project to improve the nutritional conditions of women and children in the health districts of Garango and Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso 53,285
Fondo COVID19_AID_011895: Being a Woman: Empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health rights promotion in Senegal. 66,000
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010942 - Governance of economic, environmental and territorial resources 12,300
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011466: Fruitful Cooperation. Inclusive and innovative fruit supply chains in Mozambique 35,501
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011471: Beyond subsistence. Promotion of sustainable agricultural supply chains in Gorongosa and Marínguè through support of producers' associations 62,029
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010917: Support to social enterprise and migrant initiative 58,800
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011486 - STAR: Innovative strategies for environmental protection and social inclusion through the development of Responsible Environmental Tourism 49,900
COVID19FUND_AID 011791:DEAR School - Development Education and Awareness Raising School 31,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011892 - Para Todas as Criancas - Integrated approache to inclusive early child development in Gaza Province, Mozambique 66,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011516: Disability and Start up. When civil society becomes the protagonist of inclusive development in Liberia 40,330
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011888: E YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for children with disabilities in Nairobi slums. 41,070
Fondo COVID_AID_010913:Disability and development 68,000
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011479: Health and telemedicine in the Andes of the Apurimac Region 55,933
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011490 - SRI-PROM - Integrated Rural Development in Sri Lanka: rice and spices from Production to the Market 44,100
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011906: ProAgro: Support to micro-enterprises for sustainable agri-food sector development and employment opportunities in disadvantaged areas of Tunisia. 66,600
COVID-19 Fund_AID_010928: Sustainable agriculture and inclusive tourism 31,198
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011451: Milk & Honey: two supply chains with high added value as a response to food and economic insecurity in urban and rural areas in Niger 49,447
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011881: Sustainable technologies to provide drinking water and improve energy efficiency of rural communities in 8 Woreda of Ethiopia - WASH-UP 62,781
FONDO COVID-19_AID_011477: UNDERWAY - economic development of the rural communities along the INCA trail 57,716
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010937 - EPIC ' Economic Promotion of Inle Communities through cultural and natural heritage valorization 30,100
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011483: Pachamama: protagonism of rural women in the achievement of food sovereignty in Bolivia 49,500
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011480:Integrated Management of Natural Resources in the Union of Municipalities of Tire 41,700
Covid19 Fund_AID_011521:Community Action aimed at conservation of protected areas in Albania - A.C.A.P. 66,108
COVID19_Fund_AID_011787:Take my hand: school in action, inclusive society on the rise 36,596
Fondo COVID-19 AID 011876 - Fondo COVID-19 AID 011876 - Access to renewable energy in the off-grid areas of Burundi as a driving force for socio-economic development 207,600
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011879:Support for environmentally sustainable female microentrepreneurship in the rural tourism sector aimed at the resilience of vulnerable sectors. 51,194
Fondo COVID-19_AID_011419:A VIEW BEHIND THE PRISON. Civil Society strengthening for social inclusion and protection of prisoners' rights 58,200
Fondo COVID-19_AID_10945: Promoting arts and culture: capacity building, social enterprise and education in Cameroun 50,100
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010933:Network for the development of the cherry production value chain in Lebanon 95,267
COVID19FUND_AID_011862:ALIVE - Women and men free from violence in Albania. Support to local policies for equal opportunities 33,301
COVID-19 Fund_AID_011868: Let's feel good! Ensure to every deaf child in Palestine, the right to the access to diagnosis, treatment, education and rehabilitation services. 57,750
Covid19Fund_AID_011784:Green School: Lombard network for sustainable development 28,581
Fondo COVID-19_AID_010955: Promoting health and researce in order to give voice to Tigray young people 53,286