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WE CAN DO IT: pathways of social inclusion and rights' promotion for people with psychic disability in Albania




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The goal of the project is to promote the empowerment of the people with psychic disability enabling them to autonomously live a dignified life. (S.O.) Through the implementation of the activities the psychic disabled will be followed in a process of rehabilitation, professional training, and re-integration in an aware society. Beginning with the needs identification of the person with psychic disability we will offer the most appropriate services and a rehabilitation path aimed to improve the capabilities and professional skills supporting the economic and social re-integration. Concerning the services, the partners will work to strengthen the public intervention system for people in condition of exclusions and with psychic disability in the District of Tirana, through the creation of a daily rehabilitation centre. (RA1) In the centre, an help desk for counselling and social secretariat will advise people in need to the existent services. In parallel, it will be organized an outreach street service to reach people in particular condition of need. In order to foster the social re-integration, the inclusion of young and adults with psychic disability will be improved, trough the predisposition of customised pathways of social re-integration. (RA2) The partners will work with the Mental Health Centres in order to identify the people with psychic disability who need a re-integration path and to draft the mental health plans. These paths will focus on the individual in any condition and will encourage selfdetermination, solidarity, possibility of positive change, selfacceptance, acceptance of the others, and of the external world, the sense of initiative and finally the independence, with a biopsychosocial perspective of the disability. The programs will support the empowerment of soft, cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and capabilities. Moreover, the person with psychic disability will be followed in the path of re-inclusion in the family or in an autonomous residential context. In order to improve the employability of people with psychic disability (RA3) will be organized professional training courses and will be realized orientation interviews and workshop on how to write a CV. Additionally, will be created networks of organizations sensitive to the thematic of psychic disability. In order to reduce exclusion and social stigmatization of people with disability, we will work in order to raise awareness of the community and the local institutions to make them willing to develop inclusive cultures and practices in the society. (RA4) It will be organized an international conference, aimed to foster the exchange of best practices in the field of re-inclusion of disadvantaged people and an awareness-raising campaign in Tirana. Furthermore, paths of competent volunteering will be carried out to promote non-discrimination and an inclusive culture of the disability. read more close