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Ensure children their family living in Informal Settlements access to the right to water and healthy environment.




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The protracted conflict in Syria has caused a huge influx of Syrian citizens to Lebanon. Due to an increased economic vulnerability, in 2019 the number of refugee households who moved into informal settlements increased by 7 compared to the previous year. As part of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan, essential services within informal settlements are provided by humanitarian agencies. UNICEF is the leading agency for interventions in the Water sector, to which this Programme refer. In accordance with the LCRP, the Programme provides immediate assistance to vulnerable refugees living in Informal Settlements through water trucking, desludging services and community mobilization for improved WASH behavior.The Programme improve access to an adequate amount of drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities to 20,000 refugees living in informal settlements (48 men, 52 women, 58 children, 1 people with disabilities).The Programme is implemented by UNICEF in partnership with NGOs.The Programme contributes to the achievement of the strategic objective n. 2 of the LCRP 2017-2020: Provide immediate assistance to vulnerable populations read more close