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Promoting Community Stabilization in South Darfur State




€ Committed




The project is in the framework of a broader Programme jointly decided upon and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and the Sudanese Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, in coordination with the Ministries of Agriculture, Social Welfare and Water Resources and the Supreme Council for Vocational Training and Apprenticeship. The Programme is accorded high national priority. The overall objective of the Project is:- To support social stability in communities hosting high numbers of displaced populations, youths with conflict carrying capacity and other at risk groups in South Darfur through the creation of sustainable livelihoods, job opportunities and community socioeconomic infrastructure that will support displaced populations' access to lifesaving interventions while enhancing peaceful existence and social cohesion.The proposed project is designed to build the foundations for an expanded and more inclusive interventions that will contribute to sustainable peace and social stability in South Darfur. The approach will draw from past experience of SDDRC reintegration in the State, with the aim to broaden the scope of activities to a more inclusive and sustainable manner, enhancing community stabilization. At the same time, it will ensure synergies with activities implemented by other humanitarian, development and peacebuilding actors, in line with the new way of working advocated by the UN Country Team (UNCT). read more close