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Bosaso aqueduct capacity improvement




€ Committed




The proposed action aims at putting in place a structural solution to the chronic shortage of drinkable water in Bosaso city, a problem that affects the families' livelihood and resilience, by catching the Duud Shabel springs located some 26-27 km South East of Bosaso. The action is meant to increase the water production of GUMCO (Golden Utility Management Company), Bosaso PPP water service provider, by at least 170 (4,000 cum/day) during the dry season up to 260 (6,000 cum/day) in the rain season. GUMCO average daily production between January 2015 and October 2016 was is 2,329 cum/day. The introduction of pro-poor tariff and connection fee will also be among the targets of the action, thus enhancing accessibility to sustainable water service delivery especially for vulnerable groups and IDPs. read more close


Title € Used resources
Bosaso aqueduct capacity improvement 2,000,000