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OpenAID AICS and the Italian Development Cooperation

Transparency, accountability and participation are the keywords that are driving AICS in redesigning the general architecture of the OPENAID website. A website that will no longer be a simple display of "static data" and rather "outdated", coming from OECD DAC validation, but an updated, clear and readable database for anyone who wants to know the data from AICS.

OPENAID can be consulted in two sections: one dedicated to active and funded AICS projects, updated quarterly, and a second, which will be the co-operation projects funded by other actors in the Country System. The Agency has decided to publish its data in accordance with the International Standard for International Transparency Standards (IATI), deciding to include progressively data on its organization and ongoing projects.

The first goal will be to publish the file containing the main master data and budget of the Agency, to be followed by the end of the year, that of all basic information on active projects managed by AICS.

We will then begin to progressively enrich project schedules, which can be consulted on the OPENAID website, with the main documents, agreements and agreements signed, photos of the activities carried out, contract information and delivery status, material that is updated quarterly, Will allow us to follow "in real time" the realization of our cooperation programs.

OPENAID will then become a large public co-operation database that will allow anyone to know how and where the Official Development Assistance (ODA) is spent, track project progress, see things built or actions taken, and participate in the great action of our cooperation in favor of development, peace and democracy.

The activities of Italian Development Cooperation are ruled by Italian Law n. 49 of 1987, which established the Directorate General for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Initiatives and beneficiary countries are selected according to international guidelines and commitments. Our activities are mainly focused on the African continent (Sub-Saharan Africa), on countries with which we have signed important international commitments (Afghanistan, Lebanon) and on areas where the presence of our country has deep historical roots (Latin America, Middle East and Mediterranean region).

Our primary areas of intervention are: the environment with particular attention to rural development, organic or conventional farming, alternative and renewable sources, gender policies and female empowerment, health and education.

Official Development Assistance (ODA), in quantitative terms, is not the main source of funding for development. Significant amounts are derived from the mobilization of the developing countries internal resources, from foreign investments, and international trade participation.

The ODA, particularly in less developed countries, plays a vital role in supporting local strategies to modernize institutions and commerce so that they benefit from global market opportunities, while, at the same time, protecting the most vulnerable segments of their populations.

Our main partners in the realization of cooperation programs are: Italian ministries, central and local public agencies, universities, NGOs, companies, the European Union, international organizations and developing countries.